Sunday, August 15, 2004

Radar Image of YOUR HOUSE!

This is the radar image of Mom & Dad Storholt's house....

This is Patrick & Becky's house

This is Jim, Kathe and Walt's house

This is Joel's house

This is Mom Kaine's House

This is Boom and Anastasia's House

How the heck do you do this master? (or what is the trick, Jack?)

Go to and search for your local radar, then click on Local Radar. This will give you an image and under the image on the right it will read "Current Station: XXX" This is your local radar.

Then go to and search for your address. In most cases, it will give you your exact coordinates. (in the case of Mom and Dad Storholt, no luck - but that's what you get when you live in heaven, right?)

Then you just click on a link above and edit the locations, and coordinates.

Don't ask me where I get this stuff from.

I said don't ask.

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