Saturday, September 18, 2004

Knock, Knock!!! Who's There?

It's 6:30AM, and as I approach the front door I see red lights whirling around in the soaking rain. Hmmm, I'm curious now. (and a bit concerned)

"Forks Township Fire Department, sir" he proudly blurts out.

As I scan over the faces of the firemen and women (there were 4 of them), I saw this scene.


"Sir?", he says "is your basement flooding?"

"Just a little" I respond.

"Do you have a sump pump?"

I am concerned with that question, especially because the answer is "No."

"My wife and I..." I begin to explain "...have been down there moving valuables away from the rising water."

A little dejected, he says "OK sir, if you need us go ahead and call 9-1-1, we will come back and help."

More scared then when they arrived, I thanked them very much and scanned the corner for just how much water there was out there.

As they walked away, one of the younger female fire workers said "Have a nice day!"

Hmmm. Thanks.

The water rose for another hour or so and finally stopped. I promptly left for Lowes to purchase my first 12 gallon Shop Vac.

We are fine, all is OK. The basement got about 1-2 inches in only a few places and all of our valuables were saved. Even a few I wouldn't mind losing.

All pictures here.

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  1. What a challenging shot! After close inspection, it looks like a picture taken in your basement looking out through the window into the window well outside, which is filled with water and debris and one handsome frog, which is viewed from the bottom. Am I close? Up here in SWH we don't have basements with window wells, so we don't have a home-made aquarium. The tougher question is what specie of frog is it? Your shots of the Kaine Maine vacation are really great! Nice that you share all the fun things you guys do! Dad