Monday, May 31, 2004

Maybe you will find something you like here... Father's day is coming soon. Directory @

From the back.... could you sleep like this?

Paige sleeping. The most adorable thing I have EVER SEEN! She fell asleep on her bear. This will be shown to all boyfriends!

Baby Robins. Momma made a nest in a little evergreen tree... there are 3 of 'um in there.

Why are we holding horse shoes? Clearly, we can't play.

Is that a Starsky and Hutch tee shirt? I gotta get one of those.

99.9 and "the girls"
I saved this in favorites about a year ago... still haven't read the whole thing. What's better then keyboard shortcuts? Nothing. Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts
Check out this new trend... video from your camera phone can be posted on this site for free. Who the hell has video on their cell phone? What is the world coming to anyway? What's next - pictures from cell phones? Camera Phone Videos
Paige....Baby Kaine's Own Place on the Web!
It has only just begun!