Sunday, August 15, 2004

The McGreevey Top 10

Caution: Rated R

Can't believe it took this long to compose them!!!

10 NJ State bird: swallow
9 NJ Tpke renamed Hershey Highway
8 NJ raises terror alert level to lavender
7 We know he didn't like Bush, but this is ridiculous
6 Now we know why McGreevey enjoyed "polling" so much
5 What does McGreevey and the Israelis navy have in common?
Jewish seaman.
4 NJ DMV to now call rear end accidents, a mcgreevey
3 Gives new meaning to stuffing the ballot box
2 Post headline...mcgreevey goes down
1 Shouldn't take McGreevey long to get out of the governors
mansion, he's already got his sh*t packed!

Radar Image of YOUR HOUSE!

This is the radar image of Mom & Dad Storholt's house....

This is Patrick & Becky's house

This is Jim, Kathe and Walt's house

This is Joel's house

This is Mom Kaine's House

This is Boom and Anastasia's House

How the heck do you do this master? (or what is the trick, Jack?)

Go to and search for your local radar, then click on Local Radar. This will give you an image and under the image on the right it will read "Current Station: XXX" This is your local radar.

Then go to and search for your address. In most cases, it will give you your exact coordinates. (in the case of Mom and Dad Storholt, no luck - but that's what you get when you live in heaven, right?)

Then you just click on a link above and edit the locations, and coordinates.

Don't ask me where I get this stuff from.

I said don't ask.

Pocono Weekend

Seriously, how lucky are their men?

We had an awesome time this weekend... Hanging with the Mohrs and Kevin. It's like an oasis on Lake Wallenpaupack. The 3 black labs and Paige loved each other, and the wave runners loved me!!

Thanks - Cheryl and Kevin and Mary and Barry!!!

I need a massage from all that exercise. Seriously.

Click the photo or headline for all of the pictures.