Saturday, September 18, 2004

Knock, Knock!!! Who's There?

It's 6:30AM, and as I approach the front door I see red lights whirling around in the soaking rain. Hmmm, I'm curious now. (and a bit concerned)

"Forks Township Fire Department, sir" he proudly blurts out.

As I scan over the faces of the firemen and women (there were 4 of them), I saw this scene.


"Sir?", he says "is your basement flooding?"

"Just a little" I respond.

"Do you have a sump pump?"

I am concerned with that question, especially because the answer is "No."

"My wife and I..." I begin to explain "...have been down there moving valuables away from the rising water."

A little dejected, he says "OK sir, if you need us go ahead and call 9-1-1, we will come back and help."

More scared then when they arrived, I thanked them very much and scanned the corner for just how much water there was out there.

As they walked away, one of the younger female fire workers said "Have a nice day!"

Hmmm. Thanks.

The water rose for another hour or so and finally stopped. I promptly left for Lowes to purchase my first 12 gallon Shop Vac.

We are fine, all is OK. The basement got about 1-2 inches in only a few places and all of our valuables were saved. Even a few I wouldn't mind losing.

All pictures here.