Saturday, November 13, 2004

30 Years Old

Yup, 30. I have been 30 since April, but we are headed to Matt Davey's house in a few hours for his suprise 30th birthday party.

(I hope he doesn't read the blog between now and then!)

Below is a little something that I worked on for his present.


30 Years Old Isn't A Big Deal!
...or is it?

It takes 30 years:

For a car to be defined as a "classic“
For falling snow to become spring water
For 1,560 Mondays to be finally over
For nylon to decompose
For a Green Turtle to reach sexual maturity
For society to embrace a new innovation
For all the water in the Red Sea to be refreshed
For 360 months to pass
For a saguaro cactus to flower and produce fruit
For a single molecule to reach the stratosphere from the surface of earth
For the Whitebark Pine to produce its first cone
For your mortgage to be paid off
For 10,950 days to pass
For a plastic bottle to biodegrade
For an olive tree to reach maturity
To turn $15,000 into a $1,000,000 in the stock market at 15% return
For Saturn to make one complete rotation around the sun
For 262,800 hours to pass
Before a coconut tree bears its first fruit
For a barrel cactus to grow 2 feet
For a forest to recover after a fire
For 15,768,000 seconds to tick off
For concrete to completely cure
For toilet paper to decompose at 13,000 feet
To form one inch of topsoil
For a uranium atom to lose 1/2 of it's radioactivity

And remember: You are not 30, you are $29.95 plus tax.

*all facts courtesy of google. Click here to see the query.

October/Halloween Pics

Paige at the park in the sand box.

Click the picture or the headline to see all pictures.

They said it flurried last night, but we are unable to verify.

Thanks to Scottie, the attic stairs are installed!!!

See you all soon for Thanksgiving.