Saturday, November 27, 2004


A very family Thanksgiving.

All pictures here.

Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens, Hillsborough NJ

The whole family took a very nice trip to the gardens today. Thanks Mom for an amazing brunch and to Scott for showing up.

My favorite part was our guide. She was quite high on herself and a little bit.... well a lot a bit annoying. And I'm not just saying this becuase she yelled at me either!

"Sir, sir - can you come in here please. You NEED to keep up with us, PLEASE stay with the group."

My other favorite part was the she said that she had a great niece also named Paige. Her nice was named after her mother whose name was Pearl. You do that math.

Oh well, it was still a great time, and thanks to Beth too for getting the tickets.

All pictures here.