Monday, January 24, 2005

Googling yourself

First, before you think it, I'll say it. I'm not obsessed with Google. I just love the damn site. What's better then Google?

Anyway, have you ever Googled yourself just to see what comes up? Don't lie... I know you have.

Tip: Put quotation marks around your name like this "patrick kaine" this is a little trick to tell search engines that you want only results that contain patrick and kaine in that order right next to each other.

So, here is an article about Patrick Kaine, but it aint me, Jack.

I wonder if he is as funny, handsom, and has low self esteem like moi? hahahahah

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  1. Googled myself and found out I am an all star hitter for the E.B. Dodgers...oh, wait. I already knew that. Searched "Raymond Attisano" and found out I survived the WTC disaster. I wonder if mom posted my name there? Love Google.