Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Psssssst. Peep. Peep

Easter is almost here, and Peeps are made right here in PA.

My sister likes them stale... she swears this is normal. Riiiiight. Well, now you can make your own Peeps at home.... and then let them get stale.


1 comment:

  1. Hey Loving stale Peeps must run in the family. Because thats the way I eat them too. It's the most normal way I have ever had or seen them be eaten. So think about all of us stale peep eaters when you say we are weird Pappy. Well true we may be weird, but dont forget your related to us, in my book that makes you just a little loony yourself :) P.S. Give us a call we haven't heard from anyone in a while. I sound very weird when I try to call (and I guess when I answer too), due to my mouth surgery. Hey we love everyone!! LOVE, Your Sister-in-Law (stale peep eater)