Saturday, May 7, 2005

Allow myself to introduce.... Kaitlyn!

A visit to the doctor's office on Thursday morning ended by being sent home with these words: "Could be tonight, could be tomorrow, could be in two weeks."

Fast forward to 2:33 AM Friday the 6th

"Honey", I hear Beck say - "my water just broke!"

It was like the old days of being on call for the rescue squad! I was up, dressed and standing at the door. Then it hit me - Becky's still in the bed!

"Are you gonna help me up?" She says with that adorable voice "I guess." I answered.

Fast forward to 12:30 PM

"I need an epidural, NOW!" Beck sternly says as she looks in my eyes.

"OK" I say very scared.

Fast forward to 2:50 PM

"We are so close, babe." I encourage.

"You said that 2 hours ago" Becky quipped

"OK" I say, still very scared.

2:54 PM:

Welcome to the world! Kaitlyn Olivia, 7 lbs. 13 oz, 21 1/2 ", all pictures here.


  1. Becky and Patrick she is Beautiful
    I love the name Kaitlyn!!! Paige
    has a little sister I'm glad you are all good!!! Love Andrea

  2. Becky & Patrick,

    Another beautiful baby...
    We send our best to all of you.

    Happy Mother's Day !!

    Cheryl & Jim

  3. We want to know your secret to making beautiful babies!
    Way to go Becky!!! Didn't wait for that inducing after all....
    Wish you all the very best! Hugs to both Kaitlyn and Paige. Brenda & Paul.

  4. Congrats on another beautiful daughter! We are so very happy for you! - The Kelcos: Mike, Karen & Ian

  5. Dear Kaine Family,

    You are all very special.
    Becky & Patrick you are blessed with two beautiful girls.
    Much Love MERK