Saturday, July 23, 2005

Every time I tried to take a picture of these guys, Michael hid his face!

So, I ran 10 minutes away to get beers (Lou paid - thank you) and I had just sat down and Michael had to go potty.

When they came back, I tried to snap this when he wasn't looking but the masterful Michael is quick with his hands!

(Notice the 24 car in the background by sheer luck)

Mmmmm, fries!

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  1. I was directed to Anastasia's blog to view her car accident damage and couldn't help but click on yours as do you have time to keep a blog like this? Do you sleep? Why is Becky the only one without a blog? What does blog mean anyway? What's a skipjack?

    I hope you've enjoyed my comments...see you at Carrie's house!