Friday, August 12, 2005

Hummingbird Visits

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We wish to express our sincere thanks to Mom and Dad for buying us the hummingbird feeder!

Becky kept the faith - religiously (well at least biweekly) changing the sugar water. This past week, there have been three female hummingbirds fighting over the feeder and it's been amazing watching them perch all around the deck.

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  1. Hi Pat and Becky!

    You are getting lots of "Hits" by the H/Birds in your area. We are also. Perhaps you are seeing juveniles of a single family or two following their parent's example. We only have the Ruby Throated here in SWH. Is that also true in your area? Watch closely to see if you can spot a very dark headed bird. That would be a male. If it is an adult, you may spot the brilliant irridescent red glow on the neck area under that bill. Only the adult male has the Ruby Throat color. These buzzers will depart around the first week of October, so be mindful to keep the syrup feeder full until well after you no longer see any visits. The birds are putting on extra weight for the several thousand mile trip south for the winter. Also, in the next two weeks or so, you will want to keep an eye open for general birds of prey migration. If you contact Cape May for their records, you could pick a day to visit there where viewing is often excellent. We know you are thinking of Hawk Mountain in PA. That is a good site also, but a bit harder to set up for viewing.

    Thanks for the photo records!

    Regards, M&D