Friday, August 19, 2005

Little Boom

If you haven't noticed the pictures of the newborn on the right side of this blog, they are of Raymond Attisano III, the son of Raymond "Boom" Attisano Jr., who is the son of Raymond "Butch" Attisano, who is the son of his father. Duh.

Little Boom, Ray Ray, Scooters, Skipper, Short Stuff, Three, Third, Buddy, III (pronounced eye, eye, eye) was born on August 15. I came across a list of people who were also born unto the world on that same day, and I think Eye Eye Eye should be proud to share the same birthday with Ben Affleck and Napoleon.

It's not as cool as Oleg Cassini, who shares April 11th with me, but it's cool - I won't bust him. Yet.

See, little eye eye eye came a little early. (Get it? See - eye. Never mind) Anastasia was due the second week of September, but Third has his own ideas. Did anyone tell him that we just closed on a day care and his Mommy is going to run it? Did anyone BOTHER THE EXPLAIN THE RAMIFICATIONS OF HIS ACTIONS?

Sorry, sorry - I am getting a little worked up about nothing. I mean, after all we PUT OUR LIFE SAVINGS INTO... wait breath, exhale, inhale, put down that cigarette - this is supposed to be healthy!

In all seriousness - you can't plan on anything and we are so happy and excited to be able to share in their joy with them. Especially me, I get to be jealous of the boy Becky never gave me. (I know I decide the sex of the child - I don't care. It's still her fault) And Boom and Stais are our best friends and we get to watch their child grow up. We are lucky.

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  1. Nothing like running things from the seed of our pants! Don't worry...if the daycare fails and we lose our savings we can sell our houses and move in to an apartment together! Then you, me & stais or you, me & beck or you, stais & beck or me, stais & beck will work full time during the days while one of us watches the skippers and we will all take turns working the night shift and get the idea. Mac & cheese, spam, berries from the bushes will be delicassies! I gotta say, sorry for the added stress but there's nobody I'd rather share these experiences with! Love you guys (and I'm not even drunk or gay - not that there's anything wrong with that) - Boom