Friday, August 12, 2005

You can't get there from here

If you look closely, somewhere on this page is a tracker that watches how visitors made it to the blog. I thought I would post a few searches here and share a comment or six. The entries below were typed into google, yahoo, and alta vista - this site came up in the search results - then they visited the blog. (lucky people)

Ok, here we go:

1. Bar Harbor Inn

Where Becky and I got married. It was the best day of her life.

2. what's better xm or sirius

In a word, XM. Opie and Anthony are so damn funny! There is a replay of them at 2:00 pm after their morning show ends, and since I hardly ever hear the whole show I listen to the replay. I laugh all day long!


I apparently have a stalker. I hope she's cute.

4. Becky Walters

My first kiss - was she "googling " herself like I do every day to see where I show up? Then she saw that I posted this on my blog and quickly shut off the computer.

5. that's gonna leave a mark origin

I just love that someone actually wanted to know the origin of this! What were they going to do with this information? Win a bet? Not here, skipper.

6. elliott sadler on vacation 2005

Back to the stalker comment - what person wants to know where Elliot Sadler went on vacation? Stalker, no doubt.

P.S. If you know the answer to this - I MUST KNOW leave a comment.

7. pretty painted toes

Did they search just for painted toes first and get some ugly results - then change it to "pretty painted toes"? There, THAT will solve it.

8. "parent directory" AND ("disney") AND (mp3 OR wma OR ogg) AND NOT("dow

What in tarnation were they searching for? A Disney video not on the dow jones?

I'd like to ask you readers a favor: Leave Comments!

According to the powers that be - this is how many of you come here:


Average Per Day

Average Visit Length

Last Hour


This Week

So, 10 people a day come here - and do you know how many comments are left? Like less then 3 ever. What the heck, jack? I beg of you - comment!

I write: Because I am an amazing journalist, becuase I make myself laugh, becuase I have a huge ego, becuase I want to enteratain you, my readers. How will I know how I am doing unless you TELL ME?

I beg, I plead, I ask as nicely: Leave a comment, and leave one often.


  1. OK, OK!! I'll leave a comment. Of course I think your blog is awesome - but I'm your wife! And those two girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! They are mine!!!! Seriously though...your posts are informative, entertaining and fresh. Some of the very same reasons I married you in the first place. So please keep the posts coming - clearly we all love them!!! Now can I have the credit card to go shopping??? Pleeaaase?

  2. Hey! I just happened apon your blog via the fancy little "Next Blog" button at the top of the screen. You said I have to leave a comment, so here you are!

    (By the way, your daughter has a great name. It's a lot more common now than it was 30 years ago when I was her age!)

  3. Hey Mr. Kaine,

    Ok, Patrick.....

    Mom and I cannot pass by your plea that we leave a comment. We want you to know that we review your site daily unless we are very late getting home from a trip, for eg. We always find your comments, other blogs you visit, the stories with pics, business news, and especially our extended family pictures to be worth their weight in Gold! You are very much in touch with so many areas of interest to others that it must be so. Of course, we stare at the pics of you folks and Paige and Kaitlyn! We chuckle, laugh and sometimes our eyes fill with mist, the good kind....

    While we haven't left comments more than a time or two, we should have. We know how it feels when we don't get any response at all from those we would like to hear from. Honestly, we are not taking all of your thoughtful sharing for granted, although it may seem that way to you since we respond via other venues. So, we plan to start responding via your blog on a regular basis. Please keep right on keeping on! Your work has major meaning to us and is a source of true joy as well.

    Warm regards, Mom and Dad

  4. Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE.

    Stop it please.

    OK, you may continue.

  5. Beck's are definitely fresh. :) Ha ha.