Monday, September 12, 2005

Dig to China? Or Australia....

Ever wonder what would *really* happen if you started to dig in your back yard and never stopped? I have.

While I was in real estate school, I learned an interesting thing: When you own land in the US, you actually own the earth below the land to the center of the earth and the air directly above the land to infinity. I digress.

So back to digging, if you take a look at this link, you can navigate the google map to your house and find out where you would end up if you dug all the way out the other side!

Post your responses below, diggers!


  1. Ok, you may have already guessed mine: Australia. Or, the sea to the west of Australia!

  2. I decided I'd rather know where I need to go to "Dig a hole to China" I'm heading to Argentina to begin my project. Now where is the site that shows me how long it will take?

  3. So, you're saying that I could be charging these airlines toll for passing through my air space? ;)