Sunday, October 2, 2005

Does anyone believe these?

So, it's 5:20AM and Kaitlyn is cooing away in her crib... Becky gets up and gives her the pacifier.

It's 5:26AM... I get up and give her the pacifier.

It's 5:41AM... I decide someone is hungry.

Have you ever watched TV from midnight to 6:00AM? It's "Paid Programming" on every freekin' channel. Here's the thing, I still got sucked in to watching one. It was the "Revolutionary Flash Light" that works when you shake it. At the end of the commercial, here comes a screen like this one:

May I please draw your attention to the little box below Carol's head. It's a little clock counting backwards. WHO BELIEVES THIS CLOCK MEANS ANYTHING? Are there people out there sprinting to the phones because there is only 1:40 left to order? Do they think they MUST CALL NOW before the amazing offer expires?

Can you readers be honest with me? Have you ever purchased something that you saw on an infomercial? Be honest and post a comment below!


  1. Honestly, no. I always wait and figure if I need it that badly then I will still need it badly in a week or so and can find it online at that point. I never have.

  2. No...but I just tempted last week to buy the new Monster Ballads Platinum Edition on TV. Luckily, they also sell it on, so I'll go that route instead. Sad, I know.