Sunday, October 16, 2005

I freekin love technology!

I have posted about my satellite fetish before, but this is more then a crush - I'm in love!

My $200 Mapopolis GPS program did me good for almost a year, but looking back - it was like digging a foundation for a house with a spoon.

The Magellan Roadmate 760 is my partner in the car... if there's one thing I hate - it's being lost. On an average day, I travel about 100 miles and visit 4 people. No matter where I am, I just enter the address and he gives me turn by turn directions with a high-quality screen to see the roads and the turns.

The Magellan's default voice is a female's, which I thought would be kind of soothing - but I had a hard time trusting her directions. Maybe it's just me - but the male voice is very calm, kind of like a co-pilot. So far, he hasn't done me wrong.

The price? Don't ask. But it's a gadget I will have for quite some time - if a year is a long time.

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