Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fortune Cookie Truth

Adventure is not outside, it is within.

PSA from SPK

Take this Phishing IQ Test and see how you do!

IRS Newswire


November 30, 2005

IRS Warns of e-Mail Scam about Tax Refunds

WASHINGTON The Internal Revenue Service today issued a consumer alert about an Internet scam in which consumers receive an e-mail informing them of a tax refund. The e-mail, which claims to be from the IRS, directs the consumer to a link that requests personal information, such as Social Security number and credit card information.

This scheme is an attempt to trick the e-mail recipients into disclosing their personal and financial data. The practice is called “phishing” for information.

The information fraudulently obtained is then used to steal the taxpayer’s identity and financial assets. Generally, identity thieves use someone’s personal data to steal his or her financial accounts, run up charges on the victim’s existing credit cards, apply for new loans, credit cards, services or benefits in the victim’s name and even file fraudulent tax returns.

The bogus e-mail, which claims to come from “tax,” tells the recipient that he or she is eligible to receive a tax refund for a given amount. It then says that, to access a form for the tax refund, the recipient must use a link contained in the e-mail. The link then asks for the personal and financial information.

The IRS does not ask for personal identifying or financial information via unsolicited e-mail. Additionally, taxpayers do not have to complete a special form to obtain a refund.

If you receive an unsolicited e-mail purporting to be from the IRS, take the following steps:

· Do not open any attachments to the e-mail, in case they contain malicious code that will infect your computer.

· Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to determine whether the IRS is trying to contact you about a tax refund.

The IRS has seen numerous attempts over the years to defraud the public and the federal government through a variety of schemes, including abusive tax avoidance transactions, identity theft, claims for slavery reparations, frivolous arguments and more. More information on these schemes may be found on the criminal enforcement page at

Friday, November 25, 2005

Play 1980 Video Games Online!

This site is soooo cool! You can play actual 1980 video games right on line at this website.

A few of their notable titles are:

Donkey Kong
Mario Bros
Ping Pong
Space Invaders
Ms Pacman
Jr Pacman

I played Pacman, and it's like you are playing right in the arcade! Gotta love technology.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Three generations

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Our Family

Back row: Darrell & Jackie Storholt (Beck's parents), Joey (my brother), and my Mommasan.
Front row: Beth (my sister), Scott (brother) Paige, Beck, Kaitlyn, and Moi!

Gramma Kaine and Kaitey Kaine

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Our little angels

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And then there were four.

And it happened so damn fast! Posted by Picasa

Paige and Gramma Kaine

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Read the picnic table, man.

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The Nordic Princess

Paige enjoyed the snow this morning. She insisted on being in her snowsuit. Posted by Picasa

Not more pumpkin pie!

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She normally isn't this chunky, but it IS Thanksgiving. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Where the hell am I? Where the hell are YOU!?

When I first met Becky, she had a map of the US in her office. There were little pins at each place where she had visited, and there were lots of them! (I joked that the only reason she had been to so many states is that she's way older then me).

I am geographically challenged to say the least, so the aforementioned Norwegian Princess sent me this link, and it's great for all of you who don't know East Texas, PA from east Texas.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yoda! What did I do?

If you look closely at Yoda, he's "inviting" you to shop ebay.

I plan on using the good 'ol auction site to Christmas shop again this year. I always seem to find the best prices on ebay.

It isn't just for used stuff either, searching for your item and the word "new" should get you the results you want. Either way, ebay is a dern smert compeny.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Kurt Busch got pulled over because of his girlfriend

In the supplemental police report located over at The Smoking Gun, Kurt Busch's girlfriend (that he called his wife during the incident) claimed she was: "drunk and bitching at him and that's why he was speeding and the way he was."

After Kurt consented to taking the brethalizer, he said to the officer "You're only doing this because you're a Jeff Gordon fan."
I'm not making this stuff up...

Oh, he had one Margarita at a Mexican restaurant. I guess it doesn't make you legally drunk - it just makes you an ass.

No bones about it!

(Update: Link fixed)

So, you decide to check out your new attic. Honey, can I have the flashlight?

Holy God! There is a... read the story here.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Hey: Kurt Busch. What the hell?

The 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup champion is on the unemployment line. And I'm happy about it.

In case you haven't heard: Kurt Busch was stopped for traffic violations on Friday in Arizona, the officer arrested him after he suspected Busch of DUI. At police HQ the breathalizer machine failed, so he wasn't charged with any alcohol related infractions.

"“We are officially retiring as Kurt Busch apologists," team president Geoff Smith said Sunday, “effective today."

Those of you who know me are aware that I was a Kurt Busch fan. I have hats, shirts, stickers, and more to prove it. Hell, even the post right below this talks about how I wanted to be him. I am really having a hard time supporting him through this... he was slowly losing my respect with his punk-ass attitude, but this is just over the top.

This is was gets me: Kurt swears that there was NO alcohol involved at all. WHAT? Why not just say that you weren't even there?! It will be just as believable.

I worked for the police department for 5 years total and I believe the officer over Kurt. Why would the officer lie? If he didn't smell booze, why would he say he did? Kurt has every reason to lie and that's the reason I am out with him. If he admitted he made a mistake and moved on - totally different story. I still wouldn't forget about the whole incident, but lets just say the "healing" could have started. Now, he's just out with me. OUT. Done.

MSNBC AP report here.

I'm in the market for a new driver, and have stared a list:

- Carl Edwards, for obvious reasons and also that I am a former Jeff Burton fan and I like 99.
- Denny Hamlin, I like new comers and he seems clean cut.
- Kasey Kahne, he is a good driver and respected.
- Boris Said, I just like his hair.

In closing, Kurt: "I'm tired of getting ribbed for being a fan of yours. It stops today."

-S. Patrick Kaine

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Enough about me, what do you think of me?

Welcome to a new edition of "it's all about me". I'll try to make this interesting - so stick with me.

Have dinner with anyone (living or dead): Tony Robbins

Be this person for a day: Kurt Busch

Website I visit most often:

Cool thing people may not know about me: I was an EMT and firefighter and personally saved a child's life.

Cool thing runner up: Drove a Nextel Cup car at Daytona for 24 laps and went 165 MPH!

First thing I would do with a million dollars if I won it: Buy my Mom a house.

Hobby you are passionate about: Blogging and photography... maybe I'll do something great one day!

One thing I love about myself: Where do I start? My sense of humor.

My dream car: Tough... not really a car guy - but a Mercedes-Benz SL600.

Admired trait in others: Ability to tell a great story, 100% honesty.

Take 3 things to a deserted island: Wireless internet, DirecTV, Becky (not in that order, babe)

On my "to do" list longest: Take my real estate test.

Dream job: C'mon! NASCAR driver.

Besides family, who do you talk to the most? Boom, no doubt.

Most hated famous person: Toss up between Aaron Brown and David Caruso.

Favorite toy/gadget: Toss up between my Treo 600 and my Magellan 760.

Three words you hope people use when describing you: Bastard, no -wait. Scratch that: Friend, driven, fun.

I challenge you bloggers out there: Copy this and use it on your blog. Let people get a little peek into your life. Just make sure your clothes are on when we do. Also, give a little credit over here, would ya?

"You are a lesbian!" Just kidding. Read on...

DANBURY, Conn. -- The News-Times has apologized and fired a copy editor who put an offensive caption on its Web page under a photo of a girls' high school soccer team.

The Immaculate High School girls' team was celebrating a goal scored in a championship-clinching win Nov. 5. The newspaper's Web site published a photograph of the jubilant team, but said it was celebrating a teammate's decision to "come out of the closet as a lesbian."

The copy editor, who was not identified, was "goofing around". more here

Elvis' Last Pair of Sunglasses, really!

What you are looking at is the last pair of sunglasses that Elvis Presley ever had! Really.

The picture is so small and grainey because I took it with my camera phone while I was at a customer of mine. He is a sunglass broker and was able to secure the spectacles and enclosed them in this glass and brass case.

They currently reside in Lebanon, NJ at his store.

For those of you that wonder: Yes, I did get permission to post these on the blog after he quipped: "What the hell is a blog?"

I have a question to my fellow bloggers: How long ago did you start blogging? Who inspired you to blog? Why do you continue to blog? Do you like or LOVE comments on your blog?

Doesn't it seem like everywhere you look, there are blogs? MSNBC, CNN, etc... I thought blogs were for "us", not them.