Saturday, November 12, 2005

Elvis' Last Pair of Sunglasses, really!

What you are looking at is the last pair of sunglasses that Elvis Presley ever had! Really.

The picture is so small and grainey because I took it with my camera phone while I was at a customer of mine. He is a sunglass broker and was able to secure the spectacles and enclosed them in this glass and brass case.

They currently reside in Lebanon, NJ at his store.

For those of you that wonder: Yes, I did get permission to post these on the blog after he quipped: "What the hell is a blog?"

I have a question to my fellow bloggers: How long ago did you start blogging? Who inspired you to blog? Why do you continue to blog? Do you like or LOVE comments on your blog?

Doesn't it seem like everywhere you look, there are blogs? MSNBC, CNN, etc... I thought blogs were for "us", not them.