Saturday, November 12, 2005

Enough about me, what do you think of me?

Welcome to a new edition of "it's all about me". I'll try to make this interesting - so stick with me.

Have dinner with anyone (living or dead): Tony Robbins

Be this person for a day: Kurt Busch

Website I visit most often:

Cool thing people may not know about me: I was an EMT and firefighter and personally saved a child's life.

Cool thing runner up: Drove a Nextel Cup car at Daytona for 24 laps and went 165 MPH!

First thing I would do with a million dollars if I won it: Buy my Mom a house.

Hobby you are passionate about: Blogging and photography... maybe I'll do something great one day!

One thing I love about myself: Where do I start? My sense of humor.

My dream car: Tough... not really a car guy - but a Mercedes-Benz SL600.

Admired trait in others: Ability to tell a great story, 100% honesty.

Take 3 things to a deserted island: Wireless internet, DirecTV, Becky (not in that order, babe)

On my "to do" list longest: Take my real estate test.

Dream job: C'mon! NASCAR driver.

Besides family, who do you talk to the most? Boom, no doubt.

Most hated famous person: Toss up between Aaron Brown and David Caruso.

Favorite toy/gadget: Toss up between my Treo 600 and my Magellan 760.

Three words you hope people use when describing you: Bastard, no -wait. Scratch that: Friend, driven, fun.

I challenge you bloggers out there: Copy this and use it on your blog. Let people get a little peek into your life. Just make sure your clothes are on when we do. Also, give a little credit over here, would ya?


  1. You were begging for a comment? Thanks for the hint on 411. I don't need it in the car often because my entire life is programmed into my phone but once in a while I get desperate.

    Found you through ipodmomma. Your kids are drop dead gorgeous.

    Come visit me and leave a comment sometime.

  2. Hello! I've got your tag too. I've posted it on "Photo et Réflexions", my other blog. It has been difficult....Thought a long time about it. Bye.

  3. lovely family and cool blog...

    were you hopping?

    have a lovely day!


  4. Bet you don't want to be Kurt Busch today.

    I was nice and did your tag. It's up on my site. Fun stuff!

  5. You warmed my heart and my soul with your answer of what the first thing is you would do with a million dollars.!!!
    I love you sooo much and loved reading your answers.

  6. I'm so with you! I can't stand David Caruso. And I'm shocked that you, the e-everything gadget man, haven't made the jump to the 650!

  7. Mom: I meant it. Love you.

    Anon: The ONLY reason I haven't upgraded is becuase we use ACT! at work and it isn't supported on the 650 yet.