Sunday, February 6, 2005

Wanted it, needed it. Got it.

So, I got a GMail account today!! YAHOO! Or should I say GAHOO!

Google has revolutionized search technology, in my humble opinion. Now, they are trying to revolutionize email. With their GMail account, you recieve 1 gigabite (1000 megabites) of storage space for 100% free.

For those of you who aren't really sure what that means, a gigbite of space is enough space for the average person to NEVER EVER delete a single email they have sent OR received in their entire life.

Of course, your GMail account has google's search technology attached, so you will never wonder where that email is. Just google it! (no one else can search your emails but you)

Want your own GMail account?

They are by invitation only, and I have 49 invitations left. I got mine from a great guy on a message board who doesn't even know me! So, I will be giving back from this blog. Just email me at "spkaine at gmail dot com". First come, first serve.


This is unreal! Click to see the video.

The most AMAZING basketball shot ever! Click the picture to see the clip!