Monday, June 20, 2005

And lastly, an inverted photo of another spectacular Northampton County sunset.

Paige's three favorite things: White Bear, Labylubs, and Elmo!

Little Miss Kaitey, Kate, Cat, Kit-Kat Kaine

Look at that lawn! And those Kaine ladies, too.

Joel's new chariot. (It's no Ford Taurus, but I guess he can out-run Kyle Petty)

Celebrating Father's Day with the two "other" women in my life.

Paige showing off her gifts from "Gamma and Kappa"

Hey Bob! Bobcat!! Oh, sorry - this when we say goodbye to our grass for installing a brandy new swingset for the girls.

Filling up the dirt hole with shock-absorbing mulch to avoid frequent trips to the hospital.

I will be right here waiting for... Sorry, this is where the swingset will be.

A lot of things to update on the blog... First, it was Paige's second birthday on the 16th. We got her a Betta Fish. Did you have any idea that these fish need water to live? More on that later.

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