Saturday, August 6, 2005

Free, Amazing Secrets, Household Hints, Saving Money

I thought that this site would interest a few of my "regular readers". You know who you are - that one person that keeps asking me what the hell a clickjack is.

Anyway did you know that if you got water in your wristwatch, you should strap it to a light bulb and wait for water droplets to form on the glass, then open and wipe off.

For all you criminals out there, you can remove blood stains from carpet by sponging immediately with cold water, then use a bit of soap, rinse and dry.

Did you know that there's a way to freshen stale nuts? (no jokes from the peanut gallery - hahahahahahahah)

This one's good for raceday: Eliminate popcorn duds -fast: Freeze the corn first then it will all pop. ( I need a report back from a loyal reader if this works) The truth be told, I really like the half popped soldiers... Beck saves them for me when we pop corn at the ranch.

For those Mennonite readers who want to lengthen the life of their wooden clothespins: Boil them in salt solution.

Now, if there were just a way to feed the girls, mow the lawn, and go to work all from home - I'd buy that for a dollar!

Free, Amazing Secrets, Household Hints, Saving Money

Warren County Farmers Fair Balloon Festival

Beck, Paige & Kaitlyn enjoyed to Balloon Festival at the Warren County Farmer's Fair.

Pictures here

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

It seems that we pulled it off. We were able to get Mom and Dad to our house on the premise that Jim, Kathe and Walt were going to be visiting Kaitlyn for the first time - so why not have a BBQ?

Well, of couse it was all a sinister plan to get them here to celebrate 5 decades of marraige!

All photos here