Sunday, August 7, 2005

Miss Kaitlyn Kaine

Just thought that I would share this amazing picture of littlie Kaitlyn. She just turned 3 months on the 6th.

Here is an album that I forgot to post from a few weeks ago.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and congrats to Tony for winning the Brick Yard.

Next Level Development

It's been about 4 months since we toured the newly for-sale day care center in Whitehall, PA. Now, it appears, the time has come to actually close on the building and the business and make it ours!

The closing is scheduled for this Friday August 12th and we are working feverishly to make sure all details have been cared for. Licensing, insurance, schedules, teachers, kids, deposit money, checking accounts, inspections, corporation names, partnership names, deeds, title work, payroll, easements, and about a thousand other details.

Visit our new website at

last day at her job was two Friday's ago - and thank god! She had to drive to Scranton this week for an 8:00 AM meeting with the department of child services to personally deliver our licensing paperwork. They were impressed with it's completeness and accuracy! (did they expect any less?)

So, this upcoming week is both exciting and busy... I found out some great news at work: I will be transferred to the Easton-Phillipsburg territory in two short weeks. I need to wrap up anything that is going on in Reading and train the new rep there while going out with the former rep in the new territory (are you following this?) and meeting her key contacts.

Needless to say, I will sleep when I am dead.

Click on the logo to visit the web site. Here are some pictures of the center I took for the insurance company.