Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

(yes, I took this photo. Click to enlarge)

Our Ruby-throated Hummingbird visited tonight... since we have been seeing them so much, we decided to read up on them. As you can see above, I was able to get pretty darn close without her getting spooked. A few facts for those who are interested:

From :

-They quickly become accustomed to human presence, and will swoop down to investigate red articles of clothing, possibly as potential food sources. Feeders hung at windows attract as many visitors as ones farther from structures, and the bird that claims a feeder as its territory may spend much of the day perched nearby, guarding the food source against intruders.

-Average length: 3.5 inches
-Average weight: 1/8 ounce
-Body temperature: 105°-108°F
-Wing beats: 40-80 per second, average about 52
-Respiration: 250 per minute
-Heart rate: 250 beats/min resting; 1200 beats/min feeding
-Flight speed: 30 mph normal; 50 mph escape; 63 mph dive

Look Kaiten, a duck!

Paige teaching "Kaiten" what colors the duck is. "Yellow, Orange, DUCK!" Kaitlyn LOVES Paige - she seems to be an endless source of entertainment.

What movie or famous leader are you most like?

I saw this site somewhere and though you may get a kick out of it, like Beck did. (more on that below)

After taking a grueling multiple-question exam, I was told that I was Easy Rider for the movie and Gandhi for a leader.

Now, I never saw Easy Rider - but Ganghi? This made me sit up a little straighter in my sofa - so I proudly told Beck and she laughed pretty hard.

Casual Friday

A new blog I am reading... this guy is pretty dern funny. A few of my favorites from the highlights of his day:

-Hot glue gunned a bunch of my old trophies into one huge trophy
-Watched the Weather Channel for 12 hours in a row...memorized the weekend outlook for 15 major cities
- In a crowded elevator, started yelling, "I think my water just broke!"
- Yelled "Mission accomplished!" after stopping to tie my shoes on a busy sidewalk