Monday, August 22, 2005

This kid is a genius!

Proof positive that my readership grows every single day. I love my blog.

New Parents

Look at the proud new parents! It's amazing to think that they created a person... little Boom has been born unto the world!

I would like to analize this shot with you for a moment:

-Notice Anastasia, she's not looking at the camera, where the hell is she looking? Is there more then one photographer? Can't they wait a minute until this one is taken?

-Notice Ray, he has never been more tired in his entire life. As a matter of fact, he is so sleepy, he is holding on to his wife's arm just to stay upright. What else could he be doing with his hand? Pushing on her elbow to support little Ray?

-Notice little Ray, they must have taken a multitude of pictures becuase he has sloooowly slipped backwords into Anastasia's arms and if this session isn't over soon - he's going to do a 180! On second thought - good job Ray holding her arm.