Sunday, August 28, 2005

I hate things

A few things I hate. Today is a crappy day, and we should all hate things because it make us feel better.

1. People who reply to all in emails. Why? Are you talking to the 7,550 other people who got the message about the bathroom being closed for cleaning?

2. People who forward emails (especially from AOL) with, like, a bazillion other email addresses at the top. It takes a day to scroll down to see the one paragraph message.

3. Bumper stickers. All of them. Why does this make you happy, people? Get a blog or something.

4. The prices of food at the movies. Look at this. They should be wearing masks because they are robbers!

5. When you buy a new toy/gadget/thingamabop and bring it home, all fired up - and it doesn't work right. I just installed a 40 gigabyte external hard drive on my desktop to backup my files, and it doesn't recognize it!! AKJAKJH(*)*(&*(&&&*^!^!^AHDSFJ!!!! Of course, Western Digital is closed today. Why would they be open when you NEED them?

6. Gas prices. Who the hell is setting these prices? Why do I pay $34.00 to fill my rice burner? I want to talk to someone, but they wouldn't speak English anyway.

7. People who live in this country, and they don't speak English. GET OUT. I know this is the melting pot of the world - I DON'T CARE. Read a book, watch the TV learn the language- if you are in business and you want MY MONEY: Speak English and be just a little bit happy when I order my coffee or buy gas from you.

8. Katrina, she is such a bitch. Doesn't she have anything better to do? Good luck to everyone and Goodspeed.

Holy low gas!

Why do you think I do this stuff? I felt like Jeremy Mayfield at Michigan... If you look closely at the pic, you can see that I am still in "D4" while talking the shot with my Treo 600 camera.

I was on the NJ Turnpike and the next rest stop was 12 miles away. Off went the AC and I started talking to the car: "You can do it little girl, I know you can. You are an Accord!"

I made it with fumes left, but not before being 100% certain I was going to be out of gas on the turnpike, stranded.

OK, stress over, car filled. Move on.

Is this a guy thing?