Thursday, September 1, 2005

Let me ask you a question

So, lets say you are in another country. You have used their bathroom/washroom/loo/crapper and completed a thorough handwashing.

With me so far?

So, you walk over to this contraption on the wall (photo above). There is a label on it. Would you know what to do with it?

Remember, you are in a foreign country - and you don't speak the language or understand their alphabet at all. HELLO? It's a hand dryer, if you didn't know that - hold your breath until you pass out. Start...... NOW.

So, here is the question: Why the hell are there instructions on EVERY SINGLE HAND DRYER I HAVE EVER SEEN. EVER?

Lets draw a ludacris comparison to help the point gel. Why aren't there directions on a doorknob?

1. Extend Hand
2. Grasp Handle Tightly
3. Turn knob left or right
4. Pull/Push door open

Save a nickel - eliminate the useless directions. Thoughts?