Monday, October 10, 2005

Ray, Pat. Pat, Ray

I love this shot!

It reminds me of a great story about Boom and me.

I was working the Reading, PA territory at the time and Ray also happened to be in Berks County as well for work during that month.

So, I called his cell and we chatted a bit about whatever and I asked him: "What's your 20?"

Now, a small history lesson about me - I was a police & 9-1-1 dispatcher for about 5 years, but I digress.

Since Ray and I have been friends, he has had to decipher my code talk - and I'm not just talking about "What's your 20" either - there's plenty more for those who know me. They range from skip jack, to smacked ass, to slabobin, ferschmeckled, and many more.

Back to the story - so Boom says "I'm on 222 right by 61." I say "that's funny, I'm on 222 right by 61."

Now, I'm fired up - I thought that I felt a disturbance in the force - I scream "I'm heading south - where are you?!?!?!?" He screams back, now laughing like a Hyena, "I'm heading north!"

So, I start to flash my headlights like I am sosing the mother ship. And I hear Ray dying - "BUDDY! I see you!"

Now, the time from when I asked him where he was to this exact moment in time was no more then 8 seconds.

I look ahead and there he is - going 65 MPH northbound yelling. "BUDDDYYYYYY!" Looking right at me!

Needless to say, I am doing my classic Patrick look back at him.

A great moment like that deserves a chronicle on the blog.

Oh, and Happy 30th Birthday Boom!