Sunday, October 16, 2005

Beck saw this on the way home from Ray's party!

I freekin love technology!

I have posted about my satellite fetish before, but this is more then a crush - I'm in love!

My $200 Mapopolis GPS program did me good for almost a year, but looking back - it was like digging a foundation for a house with a spoon.

The Magellan Roadmate 760 is my partner in the car... if there's one thing I hate - it's being lost. On an average day, I travel about 100 miles and visit 4 people. No matter where I am, I just enter the address and he gives me turn by turn directions with a high-quality screen to see the roads and the turns.

The Magellan's default voice is a female's, which I thought would be kind of soothing - but I had a hard time trusting her directions. Maybe it's just me - but the male voice is very calm, kind of like a co-pilot. So far, he hasn't done me wrong.

The price? Don't ask. But it's a gadget I will have for quite some time - if a year is a long time.

Tracking cell phones for real-time traffic data

MSNBC is reporting that the "show me state" Missouri, will all show us how to combine cell phones with traffic data.

Lets say you are on your cell phone talking to your wife travelling at 65 MPH, then WHOOOA little doggie - traffic crawls to a turtle's pace on the interstate.

Well, your cell phone transmits it's signal while you are connected, and the towers know exactly how fast you are travelling. This data is compiled with all of the other skipjacks that are on their cell phones and sent to the DOT, automoatically updates road signs, web sites, and more.

I love technology! Now, when will they get rid of all tolls and just charge my credit card automatically?

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