Saturday, November 5, 2005

They are coming for us!

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Paul and Brenda's guest

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Paul & Brenda's House

You know how some people really "do it up" for some holidays? Well, you haven't seen ANYTHING until you see Paul & Brenda's house - it's truly amazing.

They have an actual haunted house maze in their dining room. It's complete with a camera, sound effects, black light, and much more. Truly amazing. Posted by Picasa

Our Scarey front porch!

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Kaitlyn the Kow

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Yeah, we have a clown here!

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Paige on her way to her first Gymnastics class

Isn't she just a natural? Look at her posture and her straight legs...

Beck said the instructor asked her: "How old is she again?" Beck said 2 and 1/2. "Wow." was her response.... Posted by Picasa

Hockey is BACK!

This is for you Gramma Kaine. Posted by Picasa

"Smiling in the rain!"

Is that how the song goes? Well, Paige saw Daddy grilling with the umbrella and insisted on going outside with Cappa. Posted by Picasa

How beautiful are my ladies?

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Paige and a little Bunny

Daddy found this little bunny when he was mowing the lawn... (we won't mention the fate of two of his brothers) Posted by Picasa

Feed me!

He got so fired up when Paige was feeding him, that he actually got his head stuck in the fence! Posted by Picasa


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Paige with the gourds

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Paige and Daddy

Love that kid! Posted by Picasa


"Lets see, one, two, three... how many do I need for that crisp?" Posted by Picasa

Becky and Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn's first apple picking trip! Many more to come... Posted by Picasa

Eat, eat!

This was the first weekend that Paige had ever had a whole apple... she LOVED them as you can see. She kept on eating all the way through the core and everything! Posted by Picasa

Family Photo

Uncle Joel, Cappa, Gamma, Beck with Kaitlyn, Me and Paige in the box. (is she my daughter, or what?) Posted by Picasa

Happy Couple

Boom and Stais Posted by Picasa

A commercial for Baby Bjorne

Apple picking with the family and Boom and Stais and Little Ray. Posted by Picasa