Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Game. Not for the weak!

I've had lots of friends tell me that they liked the other game I posted... well wait until you try this one!

It gets harder and harder.... almost surprising.

link here.


  1. I almost died. And when I told JK about this, he tried it too. I think he falled from his chair... LOL

  2. I can give you the code for the drop-down lists, it is REALLY easy.

  3. Hey Patrick, I don't know the URLs for the site, but they're easy to find. Just click "Next Blog" until you get one. They show up once or twice for every 20 blogs. Later tonight or tomorrow morning I'll look in my browser history and get them for you. I'm just a little tired right now. Thanks for the concern though.


  4. I found your blog after reading The Casual Friday....I was laughing my ass off! You are so crazy and random I love it!! I will be coming back for sure!