Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fancy meeting you here!

Long time no blog. Lots to catch up on...

Look around, what do you think of my new digs? (hint hint - new template) It was time to get some new paint and a few sexy couches for you guys to sit on. I'm good like that. It's not an official blogger template, so please let me know if things look weird or links aren't working.

The world is so small! I am getting hair cut and my cell rings. Caller ID reads: Scottie B. I'll take this - a few more minutes until she takes me. "What's up Scottie?" we chat about work and why I haven't blogged. "Where are you?" Scott asks. "At the barber on Sullivan Trail." "Where you at?" I bark. (I know it's improper English - me no care)

"I'm on Sullivan Trail!" and at that moment I look out the window and there he is! Big as life on the phone talking to moi. Small freekin' world. Scott lives 28 miles away from me!!! I get such a kick out of things like that!!!! Reminds me of this day when Boom and I saw each other.


  1. Maybe I should be shot, because I just realized five mintues ago that the template was new... or I haven't been here since it was put up. Yeah, I'm going with #2, which makes me look like a douchebag but at least not a stupid douchebag.