Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Do you know how I know that I'm gay?

Because I just bought Kelly Clarkson's new CD.

(not that there is anything wrong with being gay.)

I also bought the Nickelback CD, does that offset Kelly Clarkson?


  1. You just could not wait for me to come over so you could burn the cd and not buy it could you?

  2. When you need Kelly, Mom - you NEED HER NOW.

  3. To make you feel better, I bought the Kelly Clarkson CD a couple of months ago. My husband mocked me.

    Then the cd disappeared.

    It resurfaced recently in my husbands car.

    He's gay too. And that's ok.

  4. I bought Natasha Beddingfield and James Blunt. I'm so gay.

  5. My Chicken owns the Kelly Clarkson CD. He's gay, too. But I still love him.