Wednesday, October 25, 2006

T-Mobile attacks VOIP market

It's an unusual day when I am really fired up about a new technology by T-Mobile (of all companies). They have typically been a "me too" kind of mobile company. That is, until today.

Their new Cell Phone/Wi-Fi handset is a GENIUS step into stealing the younger and early adapter buyers. Here's how it works: It's a cell phone on the road and you simply use your minutes like any plan, but as soon as you are in the presence of a Wi-Fi hot spot: BAM! You are using unlimited minutes to any phone. Yeah.

For all of those people who have Vonage, Voice Wing, etc - they now get the best of both worlds in one handset. Genius.

Lets all wait and see how long it takes until the big red machine Verizon gets to this point. (don't hold your breath, but it will happen eventually)

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