Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Post Update: nworbxela

Back in December, I posted this about a Google experiment. The experiment relates to how search engines rank websites on keywords. In this case, our keyword is a made up word - and when the experiment was started, google produced no results.

I am currently ranked 37 on google for this search term. Click here to see. Click through to me and we will watch my link rank increase. Aren't you just so happy you get to contribute to this?


New Sidebar Addition

If you take a peek over there ------------------------->
you will see a new addition called "My evil del.icio.us links".

It you haven't checked out del.icio.us, then you really need to. It's a "social" bookmarking website. Patrick, what is social bookmarking, you ask? Well, reader - lets take a "for example": I am reading a cool article on how to skin a cat. Normally, if I liked said article - I would just bookmark it for future reference.

4 reasons del.icio.us is better then that:

Reason 1: Bookmarking a link only allows me to access the bookmark on that specific computer - and I use 3 computers.
With del.icio.us, I can access my bookmarks from any web connected computer.

Reason 2: When I bookmark that site, the title will probably be something like "About.com, Achives September 2005, Feline Stuff". Will I remember to look under this title when searching in my 1000 bookmarks? No.... and then those links become useless. When you bookmark with del.icio.us, you can assign key words - or tags - to every bookmark. So, when I bookmark this article about skinning a cat - I would assign tags of "Cat" "Skin" "How.To" "To.Do" "To.Blog". Then I could search my tags for any of those words and find the link again.

Reason 3: There are millions of other people using del.icio.us. They have already read about, and tagged other articles about skinning cats. I can search their tags for subjects and see what the community came up with.

Reason 4: del.icio.us/popular. My favorite stomping grounds. This is where del.icio.us places the most popular links of the day, ranked by popularity. It's sort of "World News Tonight" meets the internet.

So, in summary - when I post something to my del.icio.us account, it will automatically appear on the sidebar. Come back every once in a while and stalk me.

AAAAAAAAaaa rrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhh, HHHurrRRRRRRRRnhhhh.

This blog is hilarious!!!!

If you live in my world. I love it. People never cease to amaze me!!!!!

Next time you see me, ask me to do a Chewey impression, I really do a good one.