Monday, February 20, 2006

I take pictures, therefore I am

Did I ever tell you that a picture I took was published in a coffee table book? That's a story for another day.

On the right, you will see two new links under Photo Albums:

Ray and I spend 30 hours last weekend at the daycare. It needed it. We rock. I need a nap.

Here are the offspring from Valentine's Day. Beck made each one of them a shirt... so damn cute! So damn different from each other! I love it!

In one short week, Kaitlyn is pulling herself up to everything. The stairs, the tables, the bar. No wait, not yet - that was me.

I hate TIVO

TIVO makes me feel like I am a bad TV watcher.

Don't get me wrong: TIVO is the best damn gift I have ever received. It's an awesome gadget, and now I record every NASCAR event, and can pause live TV when the offspring are yelling about something.

I have about 15 shows with season passes. For those of you TIVOless - a season pass simply records every episode of that show. On my season pass list are:

Jay Leno
American Idol (shut up)
Ghost Whisperer (I get welled up)
Evening News
Fear Factor
NASCAR races
Mad TV
Dirty Jobs (love this)
Myth Busters
Sex in the City (Becky's. OK mine)

So, having a full time job, owning the daycare, being a Dad to 2 little angels, and a husband to an angel maker, I don't always have time to watch any shows.

Our TIVO is an 80 hour unit - so after a while, it has to delete shows to make room for others. This is where me hating TIVO comes in. I HAVE TO WATCH EVERY SINGLE SHOW. It's like it's my job... like I would waste money if I didn't get to see every damned show recorded!

And another small issue. Beck got behind a week on 24. That means that she hasn't seen 3 episodes including tonight's. I am being a good husband and waiting for her... but I can't wait much longer!! I haven't seen 24 in 2 weeks! I MUST WATCH CTU save planet Earth.