Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bartering is still alive, at craigslist.com

So, I was reading this article at CNN about a guy who wants to trade his red paperclip for a free house. Apparently, he's well on his way. Right now he has a house in Arizona free of rent for one year.

His blog is here. His myspace page is here.

I had no idea that Craigslist had a "barter" section, so I moseyed on over there and found this little gem:

Contractor willing to barter. on small jobs

Reply to: sale-145922903@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-03-28, 4:13PM EST

'i live in the mount pocono area . ive been in home improvements for a good 23 yrs i do most anything BUT SEPTIC SYSTEMS.''your shit is your problem"... anyway i do roofing ,siding, windows, and doors , drywall, painting , wallpaper, all types of flooring, yes even tile and hardwoods. i have a new house and a full basement. im looking for a nice bar .. bust be over 10' also im looking for a full size pool table . and i just got a boat from this site so im looking for boat electronics( depth /fish finder ect.. i also have 3 kids ages 5,4,and 3, they wanna go to disneyland.........i have over 2000 referances.. have a good day"

Gotta love PA!!