Saturday, July 8, 2006

Trading One Red Paperclip for a House?

Remember this post? Well, it seems it only takes a year to trade one red paper clip for a house!

Kyle will trade a movie role for a house on 503 Main St, Kipling Saskatchewan Canada.

Here's how he did it: A fish pen for a doorknob, a doorknob for a Coleman stove, a Coleman stove for one red generator, one red generator for an instant party with beer and all, an instant party for a skidoo, a skidoo for a trip to Yank, a trip to Yank for a cube van, a cube van for a recording contract, a recording contract for free rent to a house in Phoenix for a year, free rent for one year for and afternoon with Alice Cooper, an afternoon with Alice Cooper for a KISS snow globe, a snow globe for a movie role, a movie role for A HOUSE.

Oh, and he will take possession of his house exactly one year from the date he posted the red paperclip for trade. Pretty cool, huh?

His site here.