Saturday, September 2, 2006

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Visit from an old friend

For those of you who haven't heard the story: Becky and the girls went outside about a month ago to play on the swings. Becky returned, quite disturbed and asked me to come outside. When I arrived, she pointed out the head of an opossum. And it was f-r-e-s-h meat. Yeah.

Well, our backyard is surrounded by a 6' fence - and I wanted to know how the head got here with no body! I searched for a while and looked on the street side of the fence, but couldn't find anything. On the way in the house, I saw it: The freshly killed and eaten body of this adult opossum. For the longest time, we were really freaked - how did this happen? Who did it?

Dad Storholt gave us a good idea - and when I searched the "crime scene" closer, I located the breast feather of a hawk. Since that day - we have identified two Coopers Hawks that seem to live across the street in a 100 year old pine.

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Kaitlyn just being a nut!

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Barn Spider

A few weekends ago, Beck and I noticed a barn spider making a really big web just off the deck. Gramma Kaine, Becky and I sat on the deck for about 2 hours and watch her make her orb.

If you ever get the opportunity to watch a spider build a web from scratch, watch it! Posted by Picasa

Li'l Ray's Birthday

You may also recall when we bought the daycare, that Anastasia decided to have Li'l Ray 2 days later. The best of all? He was a month early!

The next day, Boom and I showed up at the center to open!!! You should have seen the parent's faces and heard the kids cries. :-)

Happy birthday, little Ray - clearly you enjoyed it!!!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Next Level Development!

August 17th was the first birthday of Next Level Development. In many ways it seems like it was 50 years ago and 5 minutes ago all at the same time.

Anastasia has turned the center into a true development based learning center - we are lucky to have her as our best friend and director! Posted by Picasa

Kaitlyn on her new table and chairs

What you don't see here is that our little monkey LOVES to climb on top of these little chairs and table. Our little monkey likes to climb on top of just about anything. God, help us! Posted by Picasa

It was a loooong day for Miss Paige

I looked over after Paige was eerily quiet for about a minute, and here she was. Fast asleep. Say it with me: "Ahhhhhhh." Posted by Picasa

Google Image Tagger

Google is genius!

Check out this tool:

When you go there, you are teamed up with another person automatically and asked to tag an image.  When you match a tag, you get points.  Not only are you having fun, but you are making google images searches better.  Super genius!

It's strangely addictive, give it a try!