Monday, September 11, 2006

Start of trip

In case you didn't catch it a few posts ago, I flew to the Bahamas
this morning on an incentive trip from work. 7 days in Paradise with
sun, fun, and lots of activities with crazy sales people just like
me!! This trip is legendary among the top sales reps at my company,
and I was lucky enough to be in an elite group of folks attending.

I think I'll blog a little from here, since I already decided that I'd
spend the $10.00 a day for internet access. I figure that $10.00 a
day isn't a lot when you are an addict. At least now I can tell
people that I have a "Ten dollar a day habit."

Beck will be joining me down here next Sunday, so she thought that it
would be a good idea to pack a few (note the use of the word few)
things in my bags. I guess that it was only fair considering that I
was taking the "dead body" bag – named that because a dead body could
fit inside.

Upon arrival at the counter, the girl pointed to the scale and said
"Why don't you put them up here sir, and we'll weigh them." I was
like "Why – you think they are overweight?"

"By the way you carried them up to the counter – YES!"

OK, that's cool. Profile me.

First: Dead body bag: 57 lbs. Ouch. 50's the limit.

She recommended that I move some stuff to the other bag and all I
could think about was opening it up and moving over lingerie and
bikini's. "No, let's wait and see what the other one weighs."

Hanging bag: 5 lbs under! Yippee.

Wait, that's a net overage of 2 lbs – "I'm good, right?" I say to the
attractive and chipper check in girl.

"Yeah, you're alright – its just $50.00, sir." She mumbled

"What's $50.00?" I said – with my voice going up at the end like a little boy.

"The cost of the bags, it's over the weight limit."

Ok, cash paid and on to the security area. Remember it's September
11th. I'm prepared for full body cavity searches but I am met with
same old, same old.

I forgot to take out my keys and iPod from my pocket, so I beeped.
Back to the start, I pulled everything out of my pockets quickly and
frantically because I was holding up the line. Oh, and I had to walk
in my bare feet in the airport! Ughr.

OK, done with that and all my stuff is packed neatly back where it
belongs. When I arrive at the gate, guess what's missing? I'll give
you a hint: it's white and it plays(ed) music. iPod. Yeah.

Back to the gate and no one saw anything. "What? No".

xI can only guess that someone has a cute new iPod Shuffle with my
name laser engraved on the side of it. I could always file a claim,
so I guess I'll do that when I get back. Riiiiight.

Gotta go so I can fill out my Customs paperwork, but only one
problem: They aren't giving out pens or pencils. The nice couple
next to me was doing a crossword book – so I snagged her red pen.

As I completed the forms, I noticed it read BLUE OR BLACK INK ONLY.