Thursday, May 31, 2007

Red-winged Blackbirds vs. Hawk


& = "and per se and"

A cool little lesson on The Ampersand

An ampersand (&), also commonly called an "and sign," is a logogram representing the conjunction "and." The symbol is a ligature of the letters in et, Latin for "and."

The ampersand often appeared as a letter at the end of the Latin alphabet. It is thought that teaching & as the last letter of the alphabet (... X Y Z and &), a common practice through the 19th century, led to its name, a corruption of the phrase "and per se and", meaning "and [the symbol which] by itself [is] and".

The Scots and Scottish English name for & is epershand, derived from "et per se and" with the same meaning.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Make Traffic Lights Change!

Remember that elevator hack I posted a while back, this is just like it, but for cross walks.

Make Traffic Lights Change!! Amazing! - Click here for the most popular videos

How Canon EF camera lenses are made

Here is a great and interesting video of how Canon makes their high-end lenses, step by step. Totally worth the click.

Check it out here.

Nancy Grace gets owned by her crew

Nancy yells at her crew for playing "sexy" shots of Paris Hilton while the guest is talking about her. Nancy starts to yell at her senior producer, Elizabeth (Yuskaitis). THEN the fun begins.

Want to know what a small world it is? I used to work with Elizabeth's husband, and was even at their wedding. One day I took Elizabeth to the airport for some convention, and saw Dan Rather there. She was so unimpressed (these were the days when I could sit with her at the gate until the plane took off)

Elizabeth is a ball buster for sure and only she could work for Nancy Grace.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The heat is here

The heat is here, originally uploaded by -SPK.

It reached 90 degrees in Easton, PA today at 4:00 pm. How do I know this? Because I bought Becky a cool-ass weather station that beeps an alarm when it's 90 degrees!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

2-Way G.P.S.

This would be great if you were going on a log car ride in a caravan.

"Any satellite mapping system can tell you where you are. With a Garmin Rino two-way radio, you can tell other Rino users where you are — and then show them.

Beam your position or a previously stored one to any Rino that is using the same code and channel, and your location will show on the other Rino’s color map display. You can signal the other Rinos in your group to send their positions automatically. Radio range for transmitting location, voice or text messages is up to two miles using Family Radio Service channels and up to 14 miles using General Mobile Radio Service frequencies.

When they go on sale next month through outdoor, marine and electronics dealers, the Rino 520HCx will be $450, and the 530HCx, with built-in altimeter, weather-alert radio and electronic compass, will be $500. Maps showing the highways and cities of North and South America are built in and can be supplemented with optional topographic, street or marine maps on memory cards.

With new, high-sensitivity G.P.S. receivers, the Rino 520HCx and 530HCx should know their locations even in canyons or in heavy cover — precisely the places where you’d be hard to find."


Kaitlyn's on the run!

P5222547, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Paige's preschool graduation

Monday, May 21, 2007

Leaping Kit

Leaping Kit, originally uploaded by strobist.

I love this shot!

Found on Flickr.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tree Frog

Tree Frog
Tree Frog
Originally uploaded by -SPK.

We had some rain tonight, and I noticed this little guy on the deck... to get some perspective, he's the size of a quarter.

Flickr? I hardly even know her.

warm smile
OK, so you may have noticed that I have been uploading tons of shots to Flickr. It's an amazing platform to upload, organize, and collaborate your photos.

Initially, I had a tough time navigating the site and in case you are having the same trouble, this is the link you should go to most often to get the real "picture" :-) of what's happening in my photography life.

The photostream is organized by upload date, and it can become confusing... so - use the sets page.

Our resident Robin

Baby is growing up fast:

Baby Robin - May 14th

And the Mother Robin was so pissed at me!

"CHIRP! Get away from here! CHIRP CHIRP!"

Monday, May 14, 2007

Professional slip ‘n sliders just have better technique

I have never taken a better picture, ever. One day....


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Things you can do from here:


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Tribute

"Happy Mother's Day" means more
Than have a happy day.
Within those words lie lots of things
We never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I honor you.

But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love.



Originally uploaded by -SPK.

Kaitlyn's first corn on the cob. Can you tell she loved it?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Easton Sky

My best guess is that the bright one's Venus. It's in the West sky tonight.

The line you see in the bottom left and bottom right are airplanes that snuck in during this 60 second exposure.

I was disappointed to find out that my Olympus E-500 doesn't have any exposure setting longer then 7 minutes (and that's if I used bulb). I don't have a remote control, so even 7 minutes are out of the question tonight.

You *must* click the picture, then click all sizes to open the larger files in order to get the full effect of the night sky.

Aren't cameras cool? Now I have a wish list: a camera with an exposure setting up to 10 hours. (that would be an awesome shot!)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nicholas looks so jealous!

P5042095, originally uploaded by -SPK.

spring day

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