Thursday, June 28, 2007

5 Wonderful Years

(as far as you know) Just kidding!

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary and since we will be in the car at 4 am, I won't be able to post this on the actual anniversary.

So do I have her fooled or what??? What a hot momma she was and has gotten more beautiful every single day. This shot was taken on the lawn of the Bar Harbor Inn. Guess where we are headed for vacation?? Correct! Maine and to the Bar Harbor Inn.

It also happens to work out that we will be going to Hawaii in October and that's where we were for our honeymoon. I won the trip for work and we are going to tack on an extra week and jet-set around the islands.

Babe, you are my everything. Forever.


  1. Babe, that was beautiful. I love you so very much. And I would be honored to stay with you at least another 5 years.....just keep your sales trips coming! :)

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary you guys!!!!

    I LOVE this picture. It really shows how happy you guys were that day and how gorgeous Becky was. Still the prettiest bride I have ever seen!!!!!

    This brings back alot of fun memories. Congratulations to a perfect couple.

    I love you both soooooooo much!


  3. Awwwwww! Congratulations on making it this far, and best of luck for having many more happy years!

    And you kids have fun in Maine. :) actually won a vacation? I didn't know people ever actually won those things! Kudos!