Saturday, June 9, 2007

Grill the best steaks

Thanks to this article from Mens Health, you are all about to exercise your hands. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

I grilled fillet mignon this week for the first time ever, and thanks to the Wegmans butcher we knew what the best method to get them cooked to medium rare was: Sear on high, turn to med-low flame, and cook for 7 minutes per side. 130 degrees inside the center is a perfect medium rare.

What do you do if you: 1. Don't have a Wegmans butcher to ask? 2. If you don't have a cool meat thermometer (that Joel gave to me!)

This little pictorial will hook you up.

Rare: Soft and squishy, like a sponge. 125 f

Medium Rare: Firm but yielding, like a Nerf football. 145 f

Medium: Barely yielding, like a racquetball. 160 f

Well: Hard yet springy, like a tennis ball. 170 f.


  1. Back when I ate steak, anything remotely reddish-pink got left on my plate. You and your crazy medium-rare palatte.

    If I do happen to cook steak again, I'll be sure to refer to your diagram.

    I'm not sure how my guests will feel about me taking my index finger and poking their steaks, though.

  2. as long as you lick your finger first, I'm sure it will be fine! :-0~

  3. Dude, this is so helping me with other uses for my hand, too! I think I'm going to go have a medium followed by a well, and finishing up with a rare.

    Your blog is all about public service, Bro.