Saturday, June 9, 2007

Grill the best steaks

Thanks to this article from Mens Health, you are all about to exercise your hands. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

I grilled fillet mignon this week for the first time ever, and thanks to the Wegmans butcher we knew what the best method to get them cooked to medium rare was: Sear on high, turn to med-low flame, and cook for 7 minutes per side. 130 degrees inside the center is a perfect medium rare.

What do you do if you: 1. Don't have a Wegmans butcher to ask? 2. If you don't have a cool meat thermometer (that Joel gave to me!)

This little pictorial will hook you up.

Rare: Soft and squishy, like a sponge. 125 f

Medium Rare: Firm but yielding, like a Nerf football. 145 f

Medium: Barely yielding, like a racquetball. 160 f

Well: Hard yet springy, like a tennis ball. 170 f.