Thursday, July 12, 2007


Not sure how jkirlin and I started commenting on each other's blogs, but it was fate.

This handsome, talented, funny, photo blogger and jkirlin (you didn't think I was talking about him, did you?) met on our vacation to Maine last week.

Jeff is a "A nosey, over-enthusiastic, curious, adventurous Photowhore...... Will whore for comments, photocredits, faint praise, loose change or what-have-you." kind of guy.

We had lunch, talked about all of you and looked at the people who were lucky enough to walk by us. Sadly enough, I actually had a good time.

Here is Jeff's version of our meeting. And don't believe anything he tells you, he lies.


  1. You failed to mention our Massachusetts marriage. Why must people always come to MY site for the outtings?

    You also failed to mention how you kept your wife in the getaway car in case things got ugly. :)

  2. yeah, she had the derringer in case I sent the signal

  3. So, wait, did you guys have stale croutons and Equal for lunch, or was there lobster involved?

    SPK, you have a SIGNAL?! Is it a searchlight like Batman's? Is it portable, so you can take it with you on vacations? Or is it more along the lines of a subtle red switch hidden in your pocket that you can surreptitiously press when Certain People aren't looking, and this switch will trigger an alarm mounted in your wife's Derringer, alerting her to the fact that you need your ass saved?