Sunday, August 12, 2007

Forks Township's Finest

Forks Township's Finest, originally uploaded by -SPK.

What you are looking at is a picture I took at about 11 pm last night in our kitchen.

Needless to say, we have a very interesting evening.


  1. Why is Tony Soprano in your kitchen? He looks pretty good after losing all of that weight after the finale.

  2. The tall guy with the shaved head looks to be drawing his tazer. Is it because you surprized him with your camera or was the lady gettingout of line?

  3. OK, so I can't believe that I forgot to actually post the story. Becky and I were going up to bed at 11 or so and as we just walked into the bedroom, the doorbell rang.


    I slowly walked down stairs and saw this older lady standing on our porch in the pitch black. As I turned on the light, she squinted and looked very scared.

    I opened the door careful that this wasn't some trap and she asked me where some road was. I was like... ugh, I don't know.

    I asked her a few questions and it was clear that she was very disoriented and very scared. Poor thing. She was coming home from her twin sister's house in Nazareth (2 towns away) and she got lost.

    I contacted the local PD and they came out to the house, contacted her family and they came to pick her up.

    I did find it odd, though, that like 3 cops came out for this call - but it must have been a quiet night in town!!