Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tree Frog

Tree Frog
Tree Frog
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We had some rain tonight, and I noticed this little guy on the deck... to get some perspective, he's the size of a quarter.

Flickr? I hardly even know her.

warm smile
OK, so you may have noticed that I have been uploading tons of shots to Flickr. It's an amazing platform to upload, organize, and collaborate your photos.

Initially, I had a tough time navigating the site and in case you are having the same trouble, this is the link you should go to most often to get the real "picture" :-) of what's happening in my photography life.

The photostream is organized by upload date, and it can become confusing... so - use the sets page.

Our resident Robin

Baby is growing up fast:

Baby Robin - May 14th

And the Mother Robin was so pissed at me!

"CHIRP! Get away from here! CHIRP CHIRP!"