Thursday, May 24, 2007

2-Way G.P.S.

This would be great if you were going on a log car ride in a caravan.

"Any satellite mapping system can tell you where you are. With a Garmin Rino two-way radio, you can tell other Rino users where you are — and then show them.

Beam your position or a previously stored one to any Rino that is using the same code and channel, and your location will show on the other Rino’s color map display. You can signal the other Rinos in your group to send their positions automatically. Radio range for transmitting location, voice or text messages is up to two miles using Family Radio Service channels and up to 14 miles using General Mobile Radio Service frequencies.

When they go on sale next month through outdoor, marine and electronics dealers, the Rino 520HCx will be $450, and the 530HCx, with built-in altimeter, weather-alert radio and electronic compass, will be $500. Maps showing the highways and cities of North and South America are built in and can be supplemented with optional topographic, street or marine maps on memory cards.

With new, high-sensitivity G.P.S. receivers, the Rino 520HCx and 530HCx should know their locations even in canyons or in heavy cover — precisely the places where you’d be hard to find."


Kaitlyn's on the run!

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