Sunday, June 3, 2007

Whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Squeeeeee)

Beck and Paige in the middle car, Abby and Brian behind her.

Posted in honor and in awe of the original carnival photographer: jkirlin. I learned everything I know from watching you(r blog), Jeff. Your wide angle shots are 'Ansel Adams' compared to my measly 210 mm zoom (and crop) of this 'coaster.

Sesame Place Visit

Click on the photo to advance.....

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Tick, originally uploaded by -SPK.

...found on Becky's knee. You see it here on a square of toilet paper. (Can you spare a square?)

Thanks to the (Scotty) Barr family picnic, this tick was made possible. Oh, and yes, that's the head of the tweezers on the right. I love macro.

Spell Much?

What makes this first one great, is that it's at a spelling bee.

added this courtesy of Bits & Pieces