Thursday, July 12, 2007


I wish I could remember when little things like playing in the sand made me so happy. (ok, they still do)

This is Kaitlyn (I call her Kaiteybird for some unknown reason - but I have a nickname for everyone, why should she be any different?) enjoying a trip to Acadia.


Not sure how jkirlin and I started commenting on each other's blogs, but it was fate.

This handsome, talented, funny, photo blogger and jkirlin (you didn't think I was talking about him, did you?) met on our vacation to Maine last week.

Jeff is a "A nosey, over-enthusiastic, curious, adventurous Photowhore...... Will whore for comments, photocredits, faint praise, loose change or what-have-you." kind of guy.

We had lunch, talked about all of you and looked at the people who were lucky enough to walk by us. Sadly enough, I actually had a good time.

Here is Jeff's version of our meeting. And don't believe anything he tells you, he lies.

Face Blindness (Prosogagnosia): Explained with rocks, very interesting page from someone with face blindness

I read this entire web site tonight. It's really fascinating.


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